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Holland lop bunny is one of the most popular of the dwarf rabbit breeds kept as pets in the USA as well as around the world. They were originally a crossbreed from the French lop and the Netherland dwarf rabbit mixed with some. Holland Lop Rabbits Holland Lop Rabbits are the most popular domestic rabbit breed and for good reason. With their beautiful floppy ears and big block heads set on their small yet stocky bodies, they are nearly irresistible based on.

The Holland Lop, as the name would suggest, was first bred in the Netherlands. The goal was to breed a miniature version of the French Lop, and this was done by breeding a French Lop with a Netherland Dwarf. Along the way, the. The Tiniest of them All — The Holland Lop is reportedly the tiniest breed amongst all rabbits with Lop ears. There is also a frequent confusion between the Holland Lop and other lop-eared Rabbit breeds like Mini Lop and Dwarf Lop. All.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Bunny Care Note: these were originally written to apply to Holland Lops, which is a dwarf rabbit breed. However, these questions and answers apply to most breeds of rabbits including Mini Rex. Rabbitry located in Cottonwood Arizona. We breed Holland Lop rabbits and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Both make great pet's for adults and children alike. We have rabbit cages and bunnies for sale. The Mini Lop, sometimes known as the dwarf lop rabbit, is one of the most popular dwarf rabbit breeds, despite being relatively new. Some theories affirm that this is a French rabbit breed, while others claim it is descended from the. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed History/Origin The Netherland Dwarf rabbit saw its first steps in Holland when a group of five men, led by Jan Meyering, worked for 30 years to develop a standardized small rabbit that would be accepted. Welcome to Texas Holland Lops! WE ARE a small family-run rabbitry conveniently located approximately half-way between Dallas and Austin. As a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, I raise high quality Holland Lop rabbits for.

Rabbit breeds derived from breeding larger rabbits with the Netherland Dwarf or any rabbit with a dwarf gene are known as dwarf breeds. Most smaller breeds, like the Mini Rex, the Jersey Wooly, and the Holland Lop, are results. We used both the Dwarf Hotot and Holland Lop to create the Hollantot. The Hollantot is a very small, compact breed. They have fancy eyes, some black or brown spots. Their ears are usually black, they also looks like panda.

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